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Ingate's SIP Trunk-UC Seminars

PRESENTATIONS from the seminar:


Enabling the Internet for Real-Time Communications
As we continue to witness an onslaught of multimedia capable devices, all of which are being connected to the Internet, and with emerging technologies, like WebRTC and other OTT services, poised to leverage those devices to drive a new age of communications, the question must be, is your communications network up to it? With SIP having the same capabilities, it has not really been tested, since Telcos built PSTN/POTS replicating networks that have deprived us of 50 years development. It is not only about bandwidth; QoS can bring the user experience a magnitude higher when data and real-time traffic share the same network. Enabling quality on the Internet is quite easy, but meaningless if there is no “toll to enter the highway.” This session will discuss how to ensure your network is ready to handle the next wave of communications traffic, but also how you can monetize it.

Generating Revenue with WebRTC
As enterprise migration from legacy to end-to-end IP communications continues, the need for session border controllers to safeguard and manage the enterprise network edge. This session will explore the growth of the E-SBC market, providing expertise on what enterprises need from their SBCs, how it fits into their IP communications infrastructures, and how to choose the right SBC for your enterprise network, including whether to opt for an appliance or software-based version.

Wednesday, January 29 - SIP Trunking Academy

  • Intro (Ingate)
  • SIP Explained (Telecom Reseller)
  • Economics of SIP (TMCnet)
  • Technical Considerations for SIP Trunking (
  • Deep Dive: The IP-PBX (Grandstream)
  • Deep Dive: The Service Provider (ANPI)
  • Role of the E-SBC (Ingate & Counterpath)
  • Selling SIP Trunking (

Thursday, January 30 - Beyond Telephony: SIP, UC and WebRTC

  • WebRTC Introduction and Overview (WebRTC Strategies - Phil Edholm & Chris Vitek)
  • Enabling WebRTC in the Enterprise (Ingate)
  • Disaster Recovery (Joel Maloff)
  • TOWN HALL MEETING: SIP, UC and WebRTC (Ingate, ANPI, CounterPath, Telecom Reseller, WebRTC Strategies)

Friday, January 31 - Ingate Solutions Day: SIP Trunking and Beyond

  • The Ingate Advantage: Our Value Proposition for Resellers and System Integrators
  • TURN Server for WebRTC in the Firewall (Ingate)
  • The Ingate WebRTC & SIP E-SBC PBX Companion (Ingate)
  • Installing Ingate SIP Trunking and WebRTC Solutions in the Enterprise (Ingate)

Professional Development Programs

Attendees can earn a SIP Trunking Professional Certificate by participating in the Professional Development Program on January 29th.

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