September 24, 2009

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The introduction of SIP to a network brings the challenge of protecting the network from an untrusted network, and the opportunity to manage the routing of calls to a degree not possible with traditional telephony. This instalment of our continuing Knowledge Base will review some of the things that can be configured with an Ingate Enterprise Session Border Controller to address both the challenges and opportunities.


E-SBCs as the Demarcation Point


We will be distributing the Ingate Knowledge Base on a biweekly basis beginning this week.


Last time the Knowledge Base covered the tremendous benefit to service providers that SIP trunks offer: the ability to connect to one of many IP-PBXs.  This capability allows them to ramp up business in a very short amount of time.


This week we will address how Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) like the Ingate Firewall and SIParator serve as a demarcation point between the delivery network and the customer. 

Many service providers want a clear hand-off point between their network and the end customer. Using an E-SBC as the demarcation point, the ITSP can see both the LAN and the WAN side of the customers’ networks.  This is a powerful troubleshooting tool as it aids in determining where messaging and/or media is reaching.  The E-SBC can also show detailed logging information, including debug messages which can assist in troubleshooting issues throughout the enterprise network.  In this way the E-SBC can gather the statistics necessary to monitor service delivery to maintain Quality of Service.

Ingate products also have packet capture capabilities on all interfaces (LAN and WAN) in the pcap-format for evaluation  in programs such as Wireshark.

The demarcation point can also serve as the first line of defense, as Ingate Firewalls and SIParators are designed to secure applications based on SIP as well protect the network.  They can inspect the SIP signaling and control the media ports.  They can also add encryption to signaling and media (using TLS and SRTP), creating greater privacy.

Placed at the customer edge, Ingate provides a demarcation point, security protection and NAT traversal solution all in one solution.



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