April 14, 2011

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This weeks issue of Knowledge Base is written by Broadvox.
Author: David Byrd, Broadvox


Taking Advantage of Local Advertising to Grow Your SIP Trunking Business


Broadvox has a robust, rapidly growing channel and it appears that our VARs and customers have weathered the uncertain economic climate and are seeing a steady increase in business activity. As the economy turns positive and marketing budgets begin to grow, we are finding more and more VARs seeking advice on how to properly allocate marketing dollars to generate positive branding and lead generation in their sales territories. Broadvox recommends that they engage in Local Geo-Targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The benefits of these marketing efforts dollar for dollar will be substantially larger than any other form of advertising. When an SMB is researching if switching to VoIP or SIP Trunking is the right move for them, they will undoubtedly Google “VoIP for Business”, “SIP Trunk” or “SIP Trunking” to learn about the product. After initial research is completed, nine times out of ten, that SMB will then Google “SIP Trunk” or “VoIP for Business” + their city. By optimizing your site for let’s say “SIP Trunk Tulsa OK” (if you’re in Tulsa) you will be able to leverage your localized SEO effectively to get in front of a potential customer and close a deal. Additionally, by utilizing Google AdWords for the same terms, you will appear on the search engine results as an advertisement. By engaging in SEO and SEM best practices at a -local level, you will one up your competition which will always leads to higher sales.

Obviously, the art of SEO and SEM is much more complicated than a few hundred words, but Broadvox offers Geo-Targeted SEO and SEM consulting to any active member of the Broadvox Partner Program. You can also find more about SEO and other marketing methods on a regular basis on my blog.



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