Following are the questions most commonly asked by Ingate customers, along with answers from Ingate’s Help Desk. If the question you have is not answered below, or if you need additional information, please contact us via e-mail at support@ingate.com.

Upgrade Problems

  1. I can't log on to the upgrade web system on this web site.
  2. Do I have to reboot my Ingate unit when I upgrade?
  3. When I try to upgrade from 3.3.1 to 4.1.0, the unit reverts to the old version.
  4. When I try to upgrade to a new version, the unit reverts to the old version.
  5. Do I have to run the latest version on my Ingate Firewall/SIParator®?

SIP Problems

  1. My SIP Trunk doesn't work
  2. Do Ingate products support Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Waiting and other call features?
  3. How do I use RADIUS Accounting with Ingate Firewall/SIParator?

VPN Problems

  1. How do I configure my VPN client to work with an Ingate Firewall/SIParator®?
  2. I can't get a PPTP connection to my firewall.

Traffic Problems

  1. Why can't I access my DMZ from the outside?
  2. Why can't I access my web server/email server from the inside via my relay?
  3. Why doesn't my Ingate Firewall receive packets sent to one of its relays?
  4. Why does my firewall reply to pings sent to its inside IP address when I ping from the Internet, even though there are no firewall rules to allow ping through the firewall?
  5. Why is some web/e-mail traffic rejected, even though I opened for all such traffic?

Certificate Problems

  1. Why doesn't my TLS connection work?
  2. Why can't I sign my certificate with the OpenSSL CA downloaded from your site?

Administration Problems

  1. Why is the connection to my firewall/SIParator® broken when I apply the configuration?

Log Questions

  1. Common log messages in an Ingate Firewall/SIParator®
  2. Format of the exported Ingate Firewall/SIParator® log
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