Ingate Product Interaction - Some Old Documents

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Following are documents concerning how Ingate products interact with other products on the market. Also there is information about how to configure other products to work with Ingate Firewalls and Ingate SIParators.





Mitel (Aastra)

PGP Desktop Security


SSH Sentinel

SIP DOCUMENTATION Cisco Pix with Ingate SIParators® Microsoft LCS and Ingate (mazimize value) Microsoft LCS and Ingate (PPT) Microsoft LCS and Ingate FAQ Microsoft LCS and Ingate Firewalls Microsoft LCS and Ingate SIParators® VPN DOCUMENTATION Cisco Pix with Ingate Greenbow with Ingate PGP Desktop Security with Ingate Safenet with Ingate SSH Sentinel with Ingate READ MORE Ingate Firewalls Ingate SIParators® Ingate modules and licenses