Ingate SIP licenses

Ingate SIP Traversal Licenses

Ingate SIP comes standard with Ingate's range of SIP-capable firewalls and SIParators. Additional information on SIP and SIP capabilities can be found here.

SIP Traversal Licenses

The Ingate SIP proxy allows sessions to traverse the firewall. One Traversal License allows one unique Call ID to traverse the Ingate Firewall or SIParator®. In some cases, like for example video calls, two media sessions may share the same Call ID (one for voice, one for video). This still only requires one traversal license. Depending on usage and traffic patterns the number of traversal licenses needs to be determined so that there are at least as many licenses as the maximum number of simultaneous sessions expected at any time.

All Ingate Firewalls and SIParators arrive with a pre-set number of SIP traversal licenses. However, Ingate understands the dynamic nature of todays businesses, and has tailored Ingate SIP to have the flexibility to meet those needs. Once an Ingate Firewall®, SIParator®, or Ingate SIP module has been purchased, clients can at any time upgrade the number of SIP traversal licenses. Licenses are sold one by one or several at the time. The per-license price is lower if you buy several at a time. It is also possible to purchase unlimited licenses for the bigger models of Ingate Firewall® or SIParator®.

Standard Ingate Firewall® SIP Capabilities

  • SIP server with both SIP Proxy and SIP registrar included
  • Works both as in- and outgoing proxy
  • No location server required on LAN for incoming SIP requests
  • Support for DNS SRV records
  • Stateful or stateless operation is used based on the nature of the SIP request
  • Parallel issue of requests to multiple destinations
  • Session timer
  • Record routing
  • Via hiding
  • TLS support for encrypted SIP signalling
  • SRTP support for encrypted SIP media

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