In all cases, contact your supplier for product support. Ingate customers who require support services should obtain a support contract, also available through the vendor, reseller or distributor. Users with a support contract are welcome to contact Ingate's support desk with any questions or issues regarding Ingate products.

You can prevent most SIP problems when you run the Startup Tool TG (SUT-TG) first.

Most support errands are resolved by reading or searching our manuals.

Did you forget your admin password? Then check our How to section.

The key to a rapid response is preparation

Before contacting support regarding SIP, the following are requirements:

  1. Do not reboot the unit if you still have access to the GUI. Take a support report from the unit before you reboot it when it appears as though your only option is to reboot the unit.

  2. Set the Ingate time-zone+time (NTP server) accurately – Why?


  3. Stop other traffic through the Ingate – Why?

  4. Note the (start) time at the bottom of the page. Start a packet capture on the Ingate (and other end points) - Why?


  5. Complete the call, or stop the network activity.

  6. Stop the packet capture on the Ingate, and note the (end) time at the bottom of the page. Save the capture locally, zip it up, or save using the gzip compress option in Wireshark – How?

  7. Export a support report – How?

    Note: Do not export or attach CSV logs unless asked to do so.

  8. What is your Ingate serial number? Where and When did you purchase it?

  9. List each IP (phones, pbx, itsp etc) on a network diagram including all and any gateways necessary to reach an endpoint.


  10. Detail the SIP call – Who? What appened? What did you expect? Where? When?

  11. Send the support report+packet capture+network diagram to one of the below Ingate centres. Too big?

Ingate Support Europe


Ingate North America


In cases where onsite assistance is necessary, Ingate can dispatch a technician. Technician hourly and travel rates are not included in the support contracts included with the purchase of any Ingate product. These fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

For non-support related information about Ingate Systems, please contact us.

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