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The SIParator®/Firewall® is available as hardware, but also as a software deliverable for virtual machines (VM) or the cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, Google Cloud Platform).

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The Ingate Software SIParator® / Firewall SBC RTS-FW

Ingate's Software SIParator®/Firewall®, which offers the same security and SIP-enabling functionality found in Ingate's hardware-based E-SBCs, is designed to be installed on a virtual machine using one of several hypervisors. It is intended for IP-PBX vendors, system integrators and customers deploying a large number of Ingate products on their own hardware platform.

Ingate SBC Cloud Solutions

Deploy UC faster than ever with Ingate SIParator® session border controllers (SBCs), now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Google Cloud Platform.

Ingate's SIParator/Firewall for AWS is the same as the software version of Ingate's E-SBCs specially customized for AWS, - (the solution for enterprises who want to deploy award-winning SIParator E-SBCs on the Cloud.) Like all Ingate's E-SBCs the SIParator/Firewall for AWS, is a key component to build secure SIP-based communications - including VoIP, RTC, SIP trunking and UC. The SIParator/Firewall for AWS comes with the option to choose the number of sessions, remote users and registrar users, to meet the needs of the entire enterprise market, regardless if it's used by small enterprises e.g. branch offices, home workers, or mid-range to large enterprises. It can be used not only for SIP Trunking but also to support remote users or locations. Is the most important building block when deploying infrastructure for Real Time Communications including voice and Video, either if we are talking about plain SIP or the most advanced implementations for WebRTC.

Ingate SIParator SBC on AWS Marketplace

Ingate SIParators for AWS paves the way for seamless interoperability between any PBX and any SIP trunk service. It encrypts SIP signaling and media, eliminating the security issue most commonly associated with enterprise VoIP. Visit Amazon Market Place now.

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Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Google Cloud Platform

Ingate SBCs are also available on Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Google Cloud Platform. Contact for more information.

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Ingate Hardware SIParator®/Firewall®

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