How Ingate SIParators Work

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Ingate's SIP-enabling SIParators are connected to an existing enterprise firewall to seamlessly and effortlessly enabling the secure traversal of SIP-based communications. There is a variety of configurations to choose from.

The Ingate SIParator®: Designed for Dynamic Enterprise Needs

The Ingate SIParator® can be configured in three different ways, ensuring its compatibility with any commercially available firewall product.

DMZ configuration DMZ/LAN configuration Standalone configuration

Configuration 1
Single leg/DMZ only
Firewall logs all activity

Configuration 2
Reduced load on firewall

Configuration 3
Two legged/Standalone
SIP traffic separate from data traffic

SIP traversal for an incoming session of an Ingate SIParator® (image below):

  • SIP signaling/request for media session with an internal user comes in on a dedicated port (usually 5060)<1>.
  • The SIP registrar is consulted to determine on which private address the recipient is located and the signaling is forwarded to the recipient<2>.
  • Once the two clients have agree that they want to set up a session the SIParator® sets up NAT and allows RTP streams through UDP ports<3> (port numbers as agreed during setup) and allows media to flow<4>.

SIP traversal:

For more details about how Ingate SIParators work, see our product sheets and technical specifications. For more information or to purchase an Ingate SIParator®, please contact us at

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