The Ingate SIParator®/Firewall® E-SBC for SIP Trunking

Ingate's SIParator®/Firewall® E-SBCs connect the widest range of PBX and UC solutions to virtually any ITSP offering SIP trunks. The Ingate product is easy to install and directly provides full VoIP and data security in any network environment since it includes its own advanced firewall/router.

Connect the IP PBX to a SIP Trunk

For enterprises wanting to make full use of their installed IP-PBXs and not only communicate over IP within the enterprise, but also outside the enterprise the Ingate SIP Trunking offers an easy and smooth transition to a modern and future-proofed SIP trunk provided by an Internet Telephony Service Provider to connect to the traditional PSTN network. SIP trunks can offer significant cost-savings for enterprises, eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking is a service offered by Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) which permits businesses to adopt Voice-over-IP (VoIP) using the same connection as the Internet connection and remain in touch with others who rely on the PSTN as the enterprise IP-PBX is connected to the service provider’s PSTN gateways over the Internet.

SIP Trunking IP-PBX

Solving the NAT/Firewall Traversal problem

Ingate's SIP Trunking software, working in conjunction with an Ingate SIParator®/Firewall®, solves the Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal issues that are faced by businesses using a SIP trunk.

Together, they control both incoming and outgoing communications and route the communication to the intended users. All voice traffic (as well as data traffic) must traverse the enterprise firewall/NAT. However, SIP traffic cannot traverse traditional enterprise firewalls and NAT devices. As a result, the firewall/NAT device blocks all SIP traffic, which includes VoIP. Ingate resolves the SIP NAT issue, enabling enterprises to utilize SIP trunks.

Advantages and Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking provides flexible solutions for growing enterprises, along with significant cost-savings.

  • Eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) and PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). SIP trunking offers substantial cost benefits over PRI. SIP Trunking allows enterprises and small businesses to eliminate a PSTN gateway at their site and outsource that function to a carrier.
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR), call worldwide for the cost of local calls. Ingate’s flexible routing functions allow for calls to be routed to specified service providers in order to leverage the best rates. By choosing Ingate, calls to anywhere worldwide can be made for the cost of a local call, which means no more long-distance charges. By routing calls to the cheapest service provider based on country codes, significant savings can be achieved.
  • Reliability & redundancy with multiple service providers. SIP trunking is a reliable technology and it comes with redundancy as multiple SIP trunks can be chosen. If a connection to one ITSP goes down, the Ingate can immediately transfer the traffic to another ITSP.
  • Only ONE connection needed for both data and voice. Instead of paying for and maintaining both data and telephone voice networks, with SIP trunking only one connection is needed. In addition, SIP trunking facilitates the growth, by avoiding the need to invest in PSTN gateways and additional line cards as the number of additional users increase.

Advanced Routing Capabilities

Ingate SIP Trunking provides advanced routing capabilities that enable enterprises to connect to SIP trunks. Frequently, the SIP traffic coming from the PBX to be routed to the ITSP (and vice versa) is neither written in the format that the other expects nor contains the correct routing information to get it to its intended destination. Ingate’s SIP Trunking software can overcome these issues, and provide a seamless connection to and from the provider.

Ingate SIP Trunking can handle authentication at the service provider to validate the enterprise as the correct user of the SIP trunk. It also provides the flexibility to interoperate with carrier-specific requirements like numbering plans.

Support for Multiple SIP Trunks

Eliminating international calling costs, Ingate SIP Trunking can direct international calls to national, or local, PSTN lines within the country being called.

Businesses can use multiple service providers by establishing least cost routing rules, and switch between them depending on which offers the best possible rates (which may vary by time, day or location). Long distance calls cost the same as a local call, reducing expenses for businesses as well as their customers, partners, etc. trying to reach, for example, the corporate sales force. The support for multiple SIP trunks also offers redundancy. If a connection to one ITSP goes down, Ingate can immediately transfer the traffic to another ITSP.

ENUM Support

Ingate SIP Trunking supports ENUM. This feature can automatically look up phone numbers to determine whether they match a known SIP address, allowing the call to be completed over the Internet (instead of transferring it out to the PSTN). Since no traffic is placed on the PSTN, ENUM provides an additional means of cost-savings for businesses that communicate with other firms using SIP.

Security Over The Public Internet

Ingate SIP Trunking works with the Ingate SIParator®/Firewall® to leverage all the security benefits available with SIP communications. Ingate’s enterprise-class Firewalls secure data and SIP traffic, while SIParators secure SIP media while leaving the traditional firewall in place (working in parallel to the SIParator) to secure data traffic. Both products feature Ingate’s full SIP proxy technology, which allows for advanced filtering, verification, authentication and routing, as well as dynamic control of the opening and closing of media ports. They also encrypt the SIP signaling using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and media (voice, video, etc.) using Secure RTP (SRTP). With encryption, sessions are kept private with no chance of eavesdropping.

Easy SIP Trunk configuration with the Startup Tool

The Startup Tool is an installation tool for SIParator®/Firewall® products using the Ingate SIP Trunking software, which facilitates the setup of complete SIP trunking solutions. The tool will automatically configure a user’s Ingate SIParator®/Firewall® to work with the IP-PBX or SIP trunking service provider of their choice. With the push of a button, the configuration tool will automatically create a SIP trunk connection designed to the user’s individual setup.

Read more about the tool here.

Confirmed interoperability

Ingate has confirmed interoperability several of the leading IP-PBX vendors and ITSPs. See the full list here.

For additional information on on Ingate SIP Trunking, or for a quote on an Ingate Session Border Controller, please contact

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