Ingate Advanced SIP Routing

Least-Cost Routing, ENUM Lookup and Transcoding of Protocols

Ingate Advanced SIP Routing Module, a software module that includes several features to control and route SIP traffic in an advanced and flexible manner.

Ingate Advanced SIP Routing module provides increased functionality for controlling and routing SIP media, both for incoming and outgoing communications. It gives IT managers the ability to control how the SIP traffic should be routed in a very detailed and flexible way, making almost any scenario possible.

Least-cost routing

Eliminating international calling costs, Ingate Advanced SIP Routing can direct international calls to national, or local, PSTN lines within the country being called. For example, calls to the United States from Sweden can be routed to a VoIP gateway or PSTN line within the U.S., so callers based in Stockholm dial a local number when reaching out to colleagues in, say, Dallas. This is an ideal scenario for any business looking to ease the way for customers, partners, etc. located anywhere in the world to reach their enterprise. With only a national phone number to call, Ingate Advanced SIP Routing eliminates the need to pay international calling costs to reach the enterprise.

ENUM Lookup

ENUM (Electronic Numbering) is supported in Ingate Advanced SIP Routing. ENUM is a standardized address translation technology adopted by the Internet Engineering Task Force using DNS (Domain Name System) to link a phone number to a specific SIP address. Using this functionality, Ingate Advanced SIP Routing automatically looks up phone numbers in ENUM and, if they match a known SIP address, complete the call by routing to that address (not necessarily transferring it out to the PSTN). With this functionality, the Internet is used as the medium for communications rather than traditional telephone lines. This provides an additional means of cost-savings for businesses by merging the benefits of IP communications technology with existing telephone infrastructure.

Support for Emergency Calls

This module also includes support for emergency calls as it always allows emergency calls to be routed through to the emergency services center, even if all traversal licenses are in use at that time.

Advanced Control

The new module also offers advanced control over SIP traffic. This provides the ability to specify which SIP traffic should be allowed and to filter out unwanted traffic based on where the traffic came from: using either the originating domain or even the IP address. Black list/white list functions allow for stopping known unwanted traffic like SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony). Also included in the Advanced SIP Routing module is the ability to create hunt groups as well as forking of calls.

Transcoding of protocols

Advanced SIP Routing can also handle transcoding of transport protocols like TCP, UDP and TLS. This means that incoming and outgoing communication using a certain protocol can be transcoded to another protocol such as TLS to better control and secure the communication.

Regular Expressions

For even greater flexibility, the Advanced SIP Routing supports Regular Expressions, a text string for describing a search pattern or matching strings. This capability simplifies rules for complex scenarios with several options and features involved.

Ingate Advanced SIP Routing module is available for all Ingate Firewall® and award-winning Ingate SIParator® products.

More detailed information about the Advanced SIP Routing module can be downloaded from here: Advanced Routing module

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