Confirmed Interoperability

SIP Trunking is a fast growing market and interoperability is a key to success. Ingate constantly drive interoperability testing with the world's leading SIP technology manufacturers.

List of confirmed IP-PBX interoperability

List of confirmed SIP trunking providers/ITSPs

... and more are continuously added. Contact Ingate to see if your IP-PBX vendor or ITSP is interoperable.

Startup Tool for SIP Trunking

The Startup Tool is an installation tool for Ingate Firewall® and Ingate SIParator® products using the Ingate SIP Trunking software module, which facilitates the setup of complete SIP trunking solutions. The tool will automatically configure a user’s Ingate Firewall or SIParator to work with the IP-PBX or SIP trunking service provider of their choice. With the push of a button, the configuration tool will automatically create a SIP trunk connection designed to the user’s individual setup.

For additional information on Ingate SIP trunking solution please contact

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