Ingate SIParator Certification

Ingate Systems offers technical training on its SIParator/Firewalls to ensure that our dealers and their customers have an overview of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and a full understanding of the operation of the Session Border Controller (SBC).

The SIParator/Firewall training provides the technical knowledge you need to configure, manage and troubleshoot the product. After successfully completing the course materials and passing an exam, Ingate rewards the participant with a Certificate of Completion.

Ingate offers a hands-on course that can be held at Ingate in Sweden or at your location, and can be conducted in English, Spanish or Swedish.

We also provide online courses. These are offered either via webinar presented by an Ingate trainer or in a self-paced course offered through The SIP School (currently English only).

The various training formats are presented in more detail below:

siparator training

SIParator Certification Training at Ingate in Stockholm – 2 Days

Learn the ins and outs of working with Ingate SIParators/Firewalls® to enable SIP trunking and all SIP-based unified communications faster than ever before. Through practical exercises this training will give you a better understanding of the SIParator product and how to manage it efficiently.

Please click here for an extract from the agenda and the prerequisites for the SIParator® training.

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Training Agenda - 2 Days

Feedback from earlier Trainings at Ingate's Office

    “Structure and contents were well sized in relation with the duration of the training.”

    “Everything was perfect, good course.”

    “The trainer did a very good job, it is very easy to connect with him and communication is clear.“

SIParator Training at Customer Location – 2, 3 or 4 Days (Certification included on request)

Ingate also offers training at customer locations, which can be tailored in length and content to best fit the needs of your company. This is also a hands-on training session with the Ingate SIParator / Firewall accessed from the cloud.

See this agenda to learn what is included in 2 vs 3 vs 4 days of training.

Online SIParator Training with Ingate

The trainer runs a live, customized session with you or your technicians focusing on the areas important to your deployment needs.

We can also construct an extended training program for your organization’s specific needs based on our customer location trainings for 2+ days, in addition to providing material necessary for certification.

Please contact s a l e s AT or t r a i n i n g AT for more information on the Ingate SIParator Certification.

Required knowledge for attending a SIParator® Trainings:

 General knowledge of data networks
 IP addressing and subnetting
 Routing
 NAT (Network Address Translation), public and private IP-addressing
 Firewalling
We also recommend the online SIP Course at The SIP School (below) as a good complement to training with Ingate:

Online SIP Course at SIP School

the SIP School

A SIP course at The SIP School is recommended if you don’t have the required knowledge for the Ingate SIParator Training.

Ingate Web-based training corresponds to the 2-day teacher led training sessions at Ingate locations but offers you the opportunity to study anywhere or anytime. This online training with The SIP School gives you the possibility to start and pause the material when needed. You also have the possibility to study all material or just the selection that you need.

Ingate’s web-based training corresponds to the two-day teacher-led training sessions at Ingate locations but offers you the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime. This online training with The SIP School gives you the ability to start and pause the material when needed. You can also study all material or just the sections that you need. The Ingate remote training is available at Once a customer purchases a course at their logon information is sent directly to them from The SIP School. Logon to your account and start your training.

The SIP School offers generic SIP courses in addition to courses tied to specific products and services. The SIP School also offers certification through the SSCA® (SIP School Certified Associate) SIP training program.

Please contact training AT for more information.

Webinars and on-site training

Ingate offers webinars and on-site training in North America.

The Webinar training are three-hour product training sessions focused on SIP trunking applications. Topics include the Ingate Startup Tool, network configuration, SIP traffic and troubleshooting, and more. More info

The Ingate onsite, hands-on training can be two-day, one-day, or half-day sessions depending on your needs. More info

For more information and costs, please email steve AT

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