Ingate Enhanced Security Module

The Enhanced Security Module adds another layer of security for SIP-based applications. It features an Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) for SIP, making it possible to detect and protect against attacks based on the protocol. IDS/IPS protects the network against attacks targeting SIP devices on the LAN, such as SIP phones.

It should also be noted that IDS/IPS does not currently function on 1200/1190 units due to hard disk logging requirements.

In addition to IDS/IPS, Ingate Enhanced Security incorporates encryption of all realtime communications which makes it almost impossible for eavesdroppers to retrieve the original media stream from the encrypted stream.

  • Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) which encrypts the signaling.
  • Support for Realtime Transport Protocol (SRTP). SRTP provides a high level of security for live data with advanced encryption, confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection. When combined with TLS, it further shields users from eavesdroppers, hackers and spoofers.

The Enhanced Security Software Module works hand-in-hand with Ingate’s full SIP proxy technology, which provides an unprecedented level of control over the flow of SIP traffic and the enterprise network. This control offers tremendous advantages with regard to security.

Ingate Enhanced Security Module is available for all Ingate Firewalls and SIParators. The IDS/IPS functionality is only availble for the Ingate Firewalls and SIParators with hard disks.

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