The SIP Trunking Seminar Series - Schedule

Everything You Need to Know about SIP Trunking in One Place

Room 501 A/B at IT Expo West September 10-12, 2007 in Los Angeles

Part I: SIP Trunking Professional Development Day

SIP Trunking -- Introduction
Monday September 10, 2007

This introductory session presents an overview of SIP trunking, its benefits and architecture, from the service providerís SIP trunk connection to the IP-PBX on the enterprise LAN. Learn why SIP Trunking is now a hot topic among enterprises of all sizes. Hear about the benefits to the companyís bottom line. Examine the issues that are of most importance when adopting a SIP Trunking approach. Hear about the state of the SIP standard and the best practices in interfacing to a SIP Trunking service provider. A certificate will be provided to participants who attend all three sessions.


  • What is SIP Trunking
  • SIP trunking: benefits, issues, and opportunities
  • Calculating ROI
  • What role does the service provider play
  • What is necessary at the enterprise

Moderator: Richard Shockey of NeuStar and ENUM IETF

Presenters:, Digium/Asterisk, Sphere and Ingate

SIP Trunking -- The Service Provider Perspective
Monday September 10, 2007

During this session you will learn how to leverage the service providersí SIP Trunking offerings and understand the issues and opportunities for enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Technical aspects and benefits of SIP Trunking
  • What does the service provider network look like
  • Economic benefits of SIP Trunking
  • What differentiates the service provider offerings
  • SIP Connect: what is it and why you should care
  • Negotiating for SIP Trunking services
  • Service level assurance agreements
  • Issues for multi-site organizations
  • Other considerations

Moderator: Richard Shockey of NeuStar and ENUM IETF

Presenters: 360 Networks, and CBeyond

SIP Trunking -- The Enterprise Infrastructure
Monday Sept 10, 2007

Join this session where customer premise equipment vendors describe the enterprise ecosystem needed to set up a connection to a service providerís SIP trunk.


  • IP-PBX technology and the migration from a traditional PBX to an IP-PBX
  • Benefits of an IP-PBX compared to a traditional PBX
  • Security, control and reliability of the enterprise network
  • Handling interoperability issues
  • Converged vs. separate voice and data networks
  • Quality of Service considerations in the enterprise LAN
  • Cost and productivity benefits of SIP Trunking
  • An architectural template
  • Typical call flows

Moderator: Richard Shockey of NeuStar and ENUM IETF

Presenters: Ingate, Pingtel, Shoretel

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Part II: Network Achitecture and Security for SIP implementations

Attend any or all of these sessions for an overview of the network architecture and security products, complete with case studies and customer presentations.

Network Security and VoIP
Tuesday September 11, 2007

Panelists discuss security requirements in this evloving IP communications landscape from each presenters perspective. A look ahead to new threats, future proofing your security solution

Moderator: Richard Shockey of NeuStar and ENUM IETF

Presenters: Acme Packet, Ingate, Shoretel and VOIPSA

Beyond SIP Trunking
Tuesday September 11, 2007

What is next in SIP communications? Panelists discuss the IP communications landscape today, and offer predictions for the future.


  • Overview of emerging technologies
  • What is needed? Voids that should be filled; new opportunities
  • Issues faced by enterprises as they llok ahead to new communications technologies

Presenters: Level3, Objectworld and Ingate

Network Architecture
Tuesday September 11, 2007

Learn how to design your network for SIP communications

Presenters: Ingate Systems

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