Ingate VoIP Survival

More companies than ever before are installing VoIP (Voice over IP) to integrate telephony and data communications into one converged network; it is made possible with the standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). For today's modern enterprise, the strategic advantages of having voice, video, and data run over a single converged IP network infrastructure are enormous. But it is not necessary to have all equipment located at the enterprise premise; the VoIP service may be hosted either with a central IP-PBX in the enterprise main office or as an IP-Centrex service at the operator.

With Ingate VoIP Survival software module - available for all Ingate Firewalls® and SIParators® Ingate adds a whole new dimension to the hosted VoIP service by securing full redundancy in a SIP-based hosted IP-PBX environment all the way out to the customer premise. It can be used with any hosted VoIP service, to serve as a customer premise backup to enhance the reliability and availability of a VoIP application platform.

Ingate VoIP Survival is included in all Ingate Firewalls® and Ingate SIParators®.

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