The word is in on Ingate! Since our launch, we have received excellent feedback from media, analysts and customers in the US, Europe and Asia. Following is a sampling of what people are saying about Ingate.

“...Ingate is gaining traction with the announcement of a potentially several-hundred unit deployment in Telia's network. Telia International is a multinational carrier that provides IP transit, voice services, infrastructure, and carrier-neutral collocation services as a major provider of transatlantic IP traffic from Europe to the United States. This deployment, which is to be rolled out throughout its global enterprise, will be one of the most significant deployments of a customer-based SIP firewall to date.”

Matthew Kovar, Yankee Group, April 2002

“Because SIP is a new protocol, though, existing firewalls currently block SIP media streams. Ingate's technology allows SIP to interoperate with existing installed firewalls. Ingate's suite of firewalls and SIParators are available in a range of models to meet the needs of the entire enterprise market. All include a SIP proxy and a SIP registrar, support NAT and PAT and have TLS support for encrypted SIP signaling, which means that instant messages are automatically encrypted, eliminating IM security concerns.”

Bob Woods, InstantMessagingPlanet, July 23, 2002.

“Ingate has already sold units to Swedish carrier Telia and embattled WorldCom...
Though WorldCom continues to test a number of SIP capable firewalls, Ingate's is the only one that it has certified and is selling to its own customers.”

Jim Rendon, SearchNetworking, July 20, 2002.


“CommWorks Corp., a subsidiary of 3Com Corp. that develops IP technologies for carrier networks, has certified Ingate's SIParator, the product that enables existing firewalls to allow SIP-based communication. CommWorks product manager Venkatakrishnan Raman ... said it scored 90 percent (nothing below 80 passes) and it is the only SIP-capable firewall product to gain CommWorks certification. ‘From a small enterprise perspective, Ingate's solution was good,’ Raman says.”

Jim Rendon, SearchNetworking, July 20, 2002.

“Firewall makers, such as Cisco and Check Point Software, have added support for SIP and H.323 to their firewalls. Other vendors including Swedish firm Ingate, Acme Packets and Jasomi, offer VoIP-specific firewalls and appliances that supplement firewalls to better handle voice. Ingate's device supports SIP on dynamically allocated ports on the firewall, which lets large volumes of calls through the box, as opposed to opening a specific port on a firewall for VoIP, which could leave a network open to intrusion.”

Phil Hochmuth and Tim Greene, Network World, July 8, 2002.

“Indigo Has Ingate Inside ... Indigo Software, provider of a suite of SIP servers, will incorporate the SIP-capable firewall technology of Ingate Systems AB. The move is aimed at expanding the market for SIP voice services to enterprises, where the difficulties in getting SIP through firewalls and network address translations (NT) have been significant.”

Charlotte Wolter, New Telephony Magazine, June 18 2002.

“We brought two Ingate Firewall® 1400s to a customer site to demonstrate the ease-of-use and effectiveness of the product. The test went so well that the customer refused to return the units to us.”

Seiji Hasimoto, Regional Sales Manager, Japan, net.com Japan Inc., June 15, 2002


“With Indigo Software's SIP server suite (Proxy, Registrar, Redirect, Location, and Presence servers) and Ingate's SIP-capable firewalls and SIParators - a device that SIP-enables an existing network firewall - the two companies intend to offer end-to-end SIP solution for enterprises globally...”

Staff writer, iLocus, May 17, 2002.


“Getting SIP communications through firewalls, key to bringing the technology to enterprises, will be shown by a pair of companies ... Ingate Systems will show SIP firewalls and its SIParator, which adds SIP capability to an existing firewall, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses.”

Charlotte Wolter, New Telephony Magazine, April 17, 2002.


“Ingate introduced a firewall that the company says addresses a glaring security problem with SIP. The Ingate Firewall® is a $2,500 box that would sit at the edge of a WAN or Internet connection and provide firewall traffic filtering with support for SIP VoIP traffic. According to the company, the box supports SIP on dynamically allocated ports on the firewall, which can allow businesses to pass large volumes of calls through the box, as opposed to opening a specific port on a firewall for VoIP, which could leave a network open to intrusion.”

Phil Hochmuth, Network World, April 15, 2002.

“Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) management across firewalls integrates many forms of communications with data and processes safely across corporate and consumer boundaries.
This opens a huge opportunity for integrated instant messaging and VOIP services to be brought to the mainstream and mission-critical environments.”

Dana Gardner, Research Director, Messaging and Collaboration Services,
Aberdeen Group, Inc, March 2002.

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