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New Company Will Combine Cendio's Firewall with Intertex's SIP to Develop World's First SIP-Capable Firewalls

Stockholm, Sweden, June 1, 2001 - Cendio Systems AB and Intertex Data AB today announced that the entire Network Security Products department from Cendio Systems will become a new company, Ingate Systems AB. All contracts and other obligations concerning the Fuego Firewall will be transferred from Cendio to Ingate.

The newly formed Ingate Systems will concentrate on the development and marketing of network security products, focusing on IP telephony based on the SIP standard. Ingate will develop two product lines: SIP-capable Ingate Firewalls and Ingate SIParators, which will SIP-enable existing network firewalls. Ingate products will combine the proven firewall technology of Cendio Systems - evolving the Ingate Firewall® Series from the Fuego Firewall - with the successful SIP technology of Intertex Data.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the standardized Internet protocol for IP telephony, presence, instant messaging and audio/video conferencing. However, its rapid establishment and expansion has been limited by SIP not traversing current firewalls. Ingate products will remedy this restriction, allowing interoperable SIP-based communication on secure private LANs for the first time.

Ingate's target market is small to midsized enterprises in North America and Scandinavia. Sthefan Dahl will be the president of Ingate Systems. Ingate will be headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with all development and technical operations remaining in Linköping, Sweden. An office in the United States will be opened later in the year.

About Ingate Systems

Ingate Systems will develop and market cost effective, reliable and easy to use enterprise firewalls with focus on SIP-functionality. The product range will include several models and accessories that enable enterprises to enjoy the benefits of SIP-based global communications from a secure private LAN.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden with a technology center in Linköping, Sweden, Ingate is a joint venture between Intertex Data AB and Cendio Systems AB. For more information on Ingate Systems, visit www.ingate.com.

About Cendio Systems

Cendio Systems, the leading Linux company in Sweden, is developing and marketing systems solutions and embedded systems. The company was founded in 1992. All solutions are based on Open Source Software.

In order to offer the best hardware, Cendio has formed partnerships with IBM, Compaq and others. Among Cendio's customers is Luftfartsverket (Swedish Civil Aviation Administration). Cendio Systems participated in developing the new national Speaking Clock in Sweden. Cendio also develops Linux solutions with Ericsson and Nokia.

About Intertex Data

Intertex Data AB was founded in 1982. The company works in the front line of communication and security technology and is currently focusing on the development of modems and smart card readers.

In Sweden, Intertex's home market, Intertex and US Robotics lead the modem market and have an approximately equal market share. The products are sold both under the Intertex name and under OEM customers’ own brand names. Being a small company, Intertex moves fast and work closely with customers and partners.

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