--> Ingate Secures VoIP Traffic with SRTP in New Software Version 4.4

Ingate Secures VoIP Traffic with SRTP in New Software Version 4.4

Support for SRTP, Mutual TLS and Port Flexibility for SIP Signaling

VON EUROPE SPRING, STOCKHOLM -- May 15, 2006- Ingate® Systems (www.ingate.com), which develops firewall technology and products that enable SIP-based live communication for the enterprise while maintaining control and security at the network edge, launches new software version 4.4.0 for all Ingate Firewall® and award-winning Ingate SIParator® products.

The new software boasts advanced security for voice-over-IP (VoIP), including support for Secure Realtime Transfer Protocol (SRTP) and mutual TLS. Used with voice data, SRTP provides one of the most secure environments for Internet telephony and VoIP applications available. Port flexibility for SIP signaling is also included in the new software.

“We’ve incorporated a number of enhancements in this software load in response to our customers’ needs,” said Olle Westerberg, Chief Executive Officer, Ingate Systems. “I am particularly pleased with the media encryption capabilities where Ingate has shown to be in the forefront of technology development, when earlier this year we were the first to place a live encrypted call over the Internet. This technology now becomes available to all our customers as valuable enhancements to our Firewalls and SIParators.”

Improved VoIP Security

The new software includes support for SRTP, the approved standard protocol to encrypt VoIP calls. Ideal for voice traffic, SRTP provides a very high level of security for realtime data with advanced encryption, confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection.

The support for mutual TLS ensures privacy between parties/clients that communicate with each other as both parties need to mutually authenticate one another in order to initiate a conversation/IM etc.

Port Flexibility for SIP Signaling

This feature allows the Firewall or SIParator to be configured to use ports other than 5060 or 5061 -- the standard ports for SIP signaling. Port flexibility is ideal in situations where service providers or ISPs block ports 5060 or 5061 for uses other than their own voice service or other transmissions.

QoS Call Admission Control

Also included in the new software is call admission control in the QoS module, providing the administrator with the ability to reserve a given amount of bandwidth for SIP media. If the remaining available bandwidth is less than what is needed to set up a new call, that call is not completed and a busy signal is returned to the initiator.

Enhancements for the Administrator

Several new administrator functions are included in version 4.4. The load log has been augmented with information on CPU load and memory usage, the status of all VPN tunnels can be obtained via an SNMP query and the status of SIP servers being monitored are now displayed on the SIP status page in the GUI. Also, improved logging for media failures such as one-way media is also included.

New! 30-Day Evaluation Periods Available for Ingate Software Modules

Version 4.4 will be available May 29, 2006. Ingate's customers may install this upgrade by visiting the Ingate Website at www.ingate.com/upgrades. The security administrator can configure the Firewall/SIParator to automatically detect future software updates available on the Internet.

About Ingate® Systems

Ingate® Systems develops firewall technology and products that enable SIP-based live communication for the enterprise while maintaining control and security at the network edge. Ingate has a long history of developing next-generation firewall technology that solves the NAT/firewall traversal issue inherent in SIP communications. In addition to an extensive line of Ingate Firewalls®, the company also produces the award-winning Ingate SIParator®, a device that connects to an existing network firewall to seamlessly enable SIP communications. Ingate products currently protect the networks of retail companies, financial institutions, industrial firms, government agencies and small-to-large enterprises throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Ingate Systems AB is headquartered in Sweden with offices in Stockholm and Linköping. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ingate Systems Inc., is located in Hollis, New Hampshire, with a U.S. technology center in Frisco, Texas. For more information on Ingate Systems, visit www.ingate.com.

For more information, please contact:

Olle Westerberg, CEO
Ingate Systems
+ 46 8 600 77 54, + 46 733 583 100
SIP and email: olle@ingate.com

Hillary Call, Public Relations Manager
Ingate Systems
(917) 414-9262
SIP and email: hillary@ingate.com

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