Ingate's SIP Trunk-UC Seminars

Ingate’s SIP Trunk-UC Seminar

At ITEXPO East, February 1-3, 2012
Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida

Unified Communications is transforming the 21st century enterprise, fueled by the exponential growth of SIP trunking, which lowers operating costs, delivers rapid ROI and feature-rich-applications. To address the need for information on the what, why and how of Unified Communications (UC) and SIP trunking, Ingate® Systems is partnering with TMC, thought-leaders and vendors in the space to present Ingate's SIP Trunk-UC Summit at ITEXPO East 2012, February 1-3, 2012.


PRESENTATIONS from the seminar:


February 1 - SIP Trunk Academy
(Certificate Program)

  • 11:00am - What is SIP Trunking?
  • 11:30am - SIP Trunking in the Customer Network
  • 12:00pm - SIP Trunking in the Cloud
  • 1:30pm - Overview of an Internet+ model*
    Read more brief, "An Internet+ Model for Global Unified Communication"
  • 2:00pm - SIP Trunking with Legacy PBXs
  • 2:30pm - SIP Trunking with Lync
  • 3:00pm - How to Set Up a SIP Trunk
    -- 3:00 - Case Studies
    -- 4:00 - Deployment Demo
February 2 - Unified Communications
(Certificate Program)
  • 9:00am - TOWN HALL MEETING: Unified Communications
  • 11:00am - Drill Down: Microsoft Office 365
  • 11:30am - UC in the Cloud
  • 12:00pm - Video-over-IP
  • 1:00 -- Video-Over-IP: Driving the Need for an Internet+ **
  • 2:00pm - Fax-Over-IP Block
    -- FoIP with SIP Trunks
    -- Fax Benefits of SIP Trunk Peering
    -- FoIP in an Internet+ Environment
  • 3:00pm - TOWN HALL MEETING: SIP, UC and Security
  • 9:00am - Building Your Business with SIP Trunking and Unified Communications
  • 9:00am -- Birds-of-a-Feather Session/Internet+. Room A208. ***
  • 10:00am - SIP Trunk "Basic Training" with Ingate
Speakers will once again feature visionaries driving the industry.

Professional Development Programs
Attendees can earn a SIP Trunking Professional Certificate by participating in the Professional Development Program on February 1. Attendees can also earn a Unified Communications Professional Certificate on February 2.

Schedule a Free Assessment of Your Installation @ ITEXPO
Schedule a free, one-on-one consultation at ITEXPO with Ingate, Intertex Data and/or seminar speakers for a personalized assessment of your specific network deployment. Get advice, suggestions and solutions to your individual installation needs. Contact to schedule.

Read more brief, "An Internet+ Model for Global Unified Communication"

* SIP trunking is now bringing telephony-over-IP together, without having to use old TDM lines and the PSTN. What is the way forward to also bringing Unified Communication together, getting all the islands together and going beyond the plain old telephony service (POTS)? We should learn from the Internet’s success and ask why our smartphones are super smart in everything, except in being a phone. An Internet+ Model can e.g. give us telepresence and modern communication in our pockets, between all UC islands, Skype islands etc. We are closer than ever in being able to make this happen, also including the current POTS as well as the Internet. Which telco will first give us an Internet+ connection?

** Videocalling (telepresence) equipment vendors and service providers have joined up with the OVCC to create a global video communication network and service. What’s also needed is an Internet+ transport network that can carry the services they are offering, following clear and established standards. The network equipment, capacity and terminals already exist. The Model for creating an Internet+ is outlined.

*** At the beginning of the VoIP era, no one suspected we would end up in a POTS-over-IP world, where the 100-year-old telephony infrastructure became implemented as an overlay network over IP, not even capable of faxing anymore, instead of replacing POTS with better telephony services and using the abilities of a global IP network (the Internet). We will discuss these issues and how to get to an Internet+ Model, which can replace the old PSTN and allow the new services that terminals and the network already are capable of (e.g. telepresence calling), so we don’t have to use smartphones to make a POTS call asking the called party to start his Skype client. Are new standards or regulations required?











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