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Ingate SIParators are a one-box solution, designed to enable complete firewall security with minimal effort or risk. The SIP proxy and SIP registrar that come standard on all Ingate SIParators enable the seamless, secure traversal of SIP communications with the addition of a single piece of hardware to your existing firewall: an Ingate SIParator®. The Ingate SIParator® controls SIP traffic without affecting the security provided by your firewall. Compatible with all existing firewalls, networks and operating systems, Ingate SIParators can support the needs of enterprises of all sizes. Through Ingate's Web interface you can easily make network specific adjustments without having to be a security expert. In addition, administrators are able to select the authentication process that works best for them. Software preinstallation coupled with Ingate's easy-to-use web user interface for configuration provides the ease of use that enhances security by eliminating the user errors that often occur at setup.

Following is a list of the standard features of all Ingate SIParators.

Standard Ingate SIParator® Features

  • Easy to install and configure
  • All enterprise firewalls supported
  • Preserves firewall investment
  • Can connect to the DMZ port
  • Security can still be fully controlled by legacy firewall
  • Works both as in-coming and out-going proxy
  • SIP server with both SIP Proxy and SIP registrar included
  • No location server required on LAN for incoming SIP requests
  • Support for DNS SRV records
  • Stateful or stateless operation is used based on the nature of the SIP request
  • Parallel issue of requests to multiple destinations
  • Session timer
  • Record routing
  • Via hiding
  • TLS support for encrypted SIP signalling
  • SRTP support for encrypted SIP media

For more details about how Ingate SIParators work, see our product sheets and technical specifications. For more information or to purchase an Ingate SIParator®, please contact us at

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